April 2023 Results | Fantastic Fitness Gains at UAC

Hello Urban Athletic Club Shaw members,

As we wrap up April and welcome the warmer days of May, it’s time to celebrate our athletes’ impressive progress last month! With a focus on Aerobic Power Intervals (API), Rowing, and Weightlifting, we’ve seen some amazing accomplishments from our dedicated members. Here’s a recap of the outstanding achievements that took place during April.

Aerobic Power Intervals (API) Performance:

In the high-intensity API training, our athletes pushed their limits and made incredible strides. With 18 level-ups, it’s evident that our members have been putting in the hard work and dedication needed to improve their aerobic fitness. A special shout-out goes to Emily, who achieved Red-Elite level in API – a truly remarkable accomplishment!

Rowing Results

Our athletes demonstrated strong progress in rowing as well, with 13 level-ups throughout the month. Our members have improved their rowing performance and moved up the ranks by focusing on proper technique and endurance. Keep up the fantastic work!

Weightlifting Wonders

April was also an excellent month for weightlifting at Urban Athletic Club Shaw. With a whopping 25 level-ups, our athletes displayed immense progress in their strength training. Congratulations to everyone who pushed themselves to new limits and saw their efforts pay off!

Overall Athlete Progress

We’re also excited to announce that five of our athletes improved their overall level in April, showcasing their commitment to a well-rounded fitness regimen. Your hard work and perseverance are truly commendable!

Personal Records (PRs)

Last but not least, our athletes recorded an astounding 193 Personal Records (PRs) during April. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and effort put forth by every one of you. Keep chasing those PRs!

Remember, our programming at Urban Athletic Club Shaw follows the Level Method, which focuses on 2-3 assessments every month. This approach helps our athletes concentrate on specific areas of improvement, leading to steady progress and a better understanding of their personal fitness journey.

As we move into May, let’s continue to strive for greatness and support one another in our fitness pursuits. Here’s to another month of personal bests, level-ups, and growth!

Stay strong, The Urban Athletic Club Shaw Team