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JULY 2023 | WEEK 3

Get Pumped for Week 3 of July’s Fitness Training Program at UAC Shaw

Hello UAC Shaw family! We’re ready to kick off the third week of July with a power-packed fitness program to keep you motivated, push your limits, and hit your fitness goals. So, let’s dig into what we’ve got planned for you.

Monday: Breaker Box & Accessory Work

This week we begin with a 15-minute AMRAP challenge named “Breaker Box”. Get ready to break through your boundaries with a mix of:

  • Pullups
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Pushups
  • Doubles/Singleunders in between each

Following this, engage in 15-minute AMRAP accessory work for quality that includes:

  • 10 I-Y-Ts
  • 10 Banded Internal Rotations (L/R)
  • 10 Banded External Rotations (L/R)
  • 5 Single Arm/Single Leg RDL each leg
  • 5 Lateral Lunges each leg
  • 10 Elbow Plank with knees to elbow

Tuesday: Strength & Maple Leaves

Tuesday brings a heavier Bulgarian Split Squat or Back Squat than last week. But that’s not all, we’ve got some high-energy accessory work within each round:

  • Heavy Sled Push (one-length)
  • 10 Db RDL

Then, it’s time for the “Maple Leaves” WOD. Complete four rounds for time:

  • 24 Db Snatch
  • 15/12 Cal Airbike → 20/15 Cal Row
  • 1:00 Rest b/t rounds

Wednesday:” Catacombs

We’re halfway through the week, so let’s push it with “Catacombs”, a 21-minute AMRAP of:

  • 12 Pushups
  • 30 Db Stepups
  • 200m Run

For the step-ups, use a 24/20″ box or plates and a single Db.

Thursday: Strength & Only Up Again

It’s time for strength training with Pendlay Row, accessory work of 10 Renegade Row (Pushup-Row-Row), and 10 Dead Bugs. Next up is the “Only Up Again” WOD, consisting of four rounds for time:

  • 500/400m Row
  • 7 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
  • 5 Front Squats
  • Rest 1 minute between rounds

Friday: Stranded

Gear up for “Stranded”, which includes two scored 12-minute segments:

  • 6-12-18-24…etc. Box Jumps (24/20) and Abmat Situp x 2
  • Followed by 6-12-18-24…etc. Db Walking Lunges (35/25) and Bodybuilders (using ONE Dumbbell)

Saturday: DT & Strength

We’re adding a 400-meter run after each complete round of DT, followed by strength training with Bench Press.

Sunday: Partner WOD

End the week with a Partner WOD session. This is a great way to challenge yourself and your workout buddy, fostering community and camaraderie.

Monthly Theme Overview:

Electricity Discipline: Bodybuilding
This month, we’re channeling the discipline of bodybuilding into our workouts. This week is no exception, with a host of exercises designed to build muscle mass and increase strength. You will see this theme echoed in workouts like Tuesday’s Bulgarian Split Squat or Back Squat, Thursday’s Pendlay Row, and Saturday’s Bench Press.

System: Ventilation
Our focus on the ventilation system this month means we’re prioritizing exercises that improve your respiratory system’s efficiency, enhancing oxygen delivery and promoting better performance and recovery. So, don’t be surprised when you see workouts that get your heart pumping and lungs working, like the ‘Catacombs’ on Wednesday and the ‘Stranded’ WOD on Friday.

Virtuosity: Dumbbell
We’re placing a spotlight on dumbbell exercises this month. It’s all about mastering the technique, boosting stability and mobility, and, of course, building strength. Look out for these elements in Monday’s accessory work, Tuesday’s ‘Maple Leaves’, and Wednesday’s Stepups, among others.

Fun: Hero
Who doesn’t love a good Hero WOD? We’ve sprinkled these throughout the month for an added layer of challenge and fun. This week, get ready for ‘DT with a 400 meter run’ on Saturday.

Assessments: Squat Endurance and Running
Let’s track our progress with this month’s assessments – Squat Endurance and Running. We’ve incorporated these elements into the week’s plan, making sure you’re steadily improving.

We’re excited to see how everyone progresses along with these themes. Your effort and dedication towards your fitness goals power the energetic atmosphere here at UAC Shaw. Remember, our trainers are always there to guide and support you. Here’s to an electrifying week of workouts, everyone!

As always, our highly experienced trainers will be there to guide you through the workouts, ensuring you are pushing your boundaries safely and effectively. Let’s gear up for an amazing week of training at UAC Shaw! Stay hydrated, nourished, and let’s crush those goals together!