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April 2023 | Week 3 Preview

Unleash Your Athletic Potential: Week 3 of Our April Programming Block 🌟

Hello UAC Fitness Community!

We’re entering Week 3 of our 4-week April programming block, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the upcoming workouts with you! The journey so far has been fantastic, and the progress you’ve all made is truly inspiring. Let’s keep the momentum going and make this week count as we power through these challenging workouts. 💪

📢 IMPORTANT NOTE: Each workout has 7 levels, ranging from beginner to advanced so that every athlete can scale to their exact ability. Our coaches are here to help you find the perfect level for your current fitness and skill, ensuring that you’re always challenged while maintaining proper form and safety.

📌 MONDAY: Weightlifting Mastery and High-Intensity WOD Start your week strong with a focus on weightlifting techniques. Then, get your heart pumping with a WOD of 4 rounds for time (RFT), including Deadlifts, Hang Power Cleans, and Front Squats.

📌 TUESDAY: 6 Rounds of Functional Fitness Tackle a powerful WOD of 6 rounds that will test your strength and endurance. The workout features Burpees, Push Press, and Sprints. Get ready to break a sweat!

📌 WEDNESDAY: Deadlifts, Core, and Cardio Hump Day is all about Deadlifts! After lifting, jump into a WOD that targets your core and cardio. Row, Sit-ups, and Single/Double-unders are on the menu for today’s workout.

📌 THURSDAY: Endurance and Strength WOD Thursday’s WOD will challenge your endurance and strength with a combination of Runs, Muscle-ups, and Thrusters. Stay focused and push through the pain!

📌 FRIDAY: Strict Press and Explosive Movements Work on your Strict Press skills before diving into a high-energy WOD. Snatch, Box Jump-overs, Clean, and Step-ups will keep your heart rate soaring.

📌 SATURDAY: Partner “Barbara” Round off the week with a fun partner workout, “Barbara.” Bring a friend and challenge each other as you tackle this classic benchmark WOD together. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

As we embark on Week 3 of our April programming block, remember that consistency is key to success. Keep pushing your limits, stay focused on your goals, and support your fellow UAC Fitness members as we continue to conquer new challenges together.

See you all in the gym! 🏋️‍♂️💥

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