UAC Vision and Mission

  • Vision
    • Our vision is to improve the lives of 5,000 Washingtonians through fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching, and accountability.
    • Fitness, nutrition, and health are our passion. Fitness professionals are better equipped to help people daily than modern medicine as habits have a greater impact on longevity than emergency care. Washingtonians historically are hard-charging, career-driven individuals with an imbalance of work/life. We help our members and the community create balance within their lives. 
    • Why 5,000? Shaw has a population of 47,000. If we can help 10% of them, we will positively impact our neighborhood!
  • Mission
    • We deliver top-quality fitness, nutrition, mindset, and accountability coaching in a safe, effective, and personalized manner to allow members to create, reach and surpass their individual goals.
    • We create a work environment that increases opportunities for staff to develop professionally through education, mentorship, and intrapreneurial opportunities. 
    • We are solvent and profitable, allowing us to continue to serve our community, staff, and ownership.


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