Sunday Rundown + Week Preview

It’s Sunday again which means we’ve got some links to share with you.

In addition to a weekly programming preview, we’ll share articles/videos/podcasts from the inter-web so that we can bring you the best stuff on training, nutrition, and being a better human. Here’s what we’ve got for you today. 


[MONTH] June Overview 

  • Electricity Discipline: Weightlifting
  • System: Ventilation
  • Virtuosity: Kettlebell
  • Fun: Games
  • Assessments: Front Squat, Kettlebell, Flexibility


[WEEK] Week 2 Overview

We have another fun week of programming! 

  • Monday — Kettelbell Virtuosity
  • Tuesday — Front Squat (week 2 progressions)
  • Wednesday — “No Brainer”: A long steady breathing WOD
  • Thursday — Snatch EMOM
  • Friday — 16’ AMRAP
  • Saturday — Pullups and 2010 CF Games The Final 2


Watch [UAC overview]

Read [Level Method overview]

Watch [Level Method overview]








My next travel destination is _______________.


We’d love to hear about it if you’re up for sharing. 

Have a great week!


Graham King and the UAC Team


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