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It’s the final week of September’s programming! Deadlift assessment on Monday, Lactic Tolerance assessment on Tuesday, and many challenging workouts to follow!

September — Week 4 (of 5)  

September 26 – 10/1

✅ Monday — Assess Deadlifts

✅ Tuesday — Assess Lactic Tolerance

✅ Wednesday — EMOM Cleans + Row/Clean WOD

✅ Thursday — Toes to Bar and double/single under

✅ Friday — Ring Skills + Dips/Box Jumps/Bike WOD

✅ Saturday — Handstand/Pullup/Wall Balls/KB Swing


READ/WATCH [Level Method overview]



September’s Themes

⚡️ Electricity Discipline — Weightlifting

🏠 System —  Plumbing

📈 Progression — Deadlift

🏆 Virtuosity — Bodyweight

🥳 Fun — Girls

✍️ Assessments — Deadlift, Lactic Tolerance


Want to learn more about themes? 

Read more here



On the blog:

👠 Shoes that elevate the toes off the ground have NO place in the weight room

🍺 Where to Celebrate Oktoberfest Around DC

Have a great week!


Graham King and the UAC Team


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