It’s a new month of programming. Here are the Themes for this month:

  • Electricity Discipline: Powerlifting
  • System: Ventilation
  • Progression: Deadlift
  • Virtuosity: Bodyweight
  • Fun: Hero WODs
  • Assessments: Deadlift and Running

Powerlifting will include Back Squats, Front Squats, Strict Press, and Bench Press. Our main strength focus and assessment, Deadlifts, will be on Mondays and Tuesdays. Plan your week to attend those classes. Running will be programmed in the Extra Credit, so if leveling up in the Running Assessment is important to you, then get after the EC!

There are 5 weeks in this cycle, providing you an extra week to improve in the Themes.

Notes: Electricity and Ventilation are part of the “house” analogy (Plumbing is the third part). Using this analogy can help athletes understand the concepts we’re promoting.

Energy Systems essentially alternate between Ventilation & Plumbing (we treat Electricity differently, even though it is an ES). This means that at a high level, during Ventilation months there’s generally more breathing, lighter weight or longer workouts in general — but not enough to be very obvious. Likewise on Plumbing months: we’ll have somewhat more muscular-based work. In either case, a member won’t be able to tell what we’re doing unless it’s pointed out.

The Electricity Discipline is characterized by high muscular tension.  It rotates between gymnastics, bodybuilding, powerlifting & weightlifting — by which we mean not the sport itself, but the nature of contractions within those worlds. So, gymnastics might have more stability & tension, bodybuilding would be “burny” in that 8-15 rep range, while powerlifting would be more “grindy” reps in the low(er) rep range, and weightlifting is more on the dynamic side.  These all require high muscular tension to some degree, but each allows for different emphases within group classes.

Want to learn more about Themes? Read this.