Month Theme Overview [AUGUST 2022]

It’s a new month! Four new weeks of programming to help you improve your overall fitness level. If you need help with anything, please reach out! 


August Overview 

⚡️ Electricity Discipline —  Powerlifting

🏠 System — Ventilation

📈 Progression — 20-rep Back Squat

🏆 Virtuosity — Dumbbell/Unilateral

🥳 Fun — Hero

✍️ Assessments — Squat Endurance, Running

Last Month: 

July Overview 

⚡️ Electricity Discipline —  

🏠 System — Plumbing

📈 Progression — Upper Body Pull

🏆 Virtuosity — Barbell

🥳 Fun — Classics

✍️ Assessments — Upper Body, Rings, Neurological & Core

Want to read more about the philosophy? Check out this blog post

About Monthly Themes

Think of Themes as a high-level, less rigid template.

By rotating through Themes, methodically yet varied, we’re sure to get exposure to a wide variety of “worlds” within fitness — we keep things interesting and fun, and we layer in cool learning opportunities.

Themes provide the best possible overall group programming. They give us a structure to say: Okay, in these months we’ll hit THESE specific types of things. We know, for sure, nothing is missed, and we can easily communicate all this to our clients. When we plan the weeks, we can be flexible and creative within that structure.

We don’t focus on one thing for too long, or get stuck in a single area of fitness. Over months, mistakes like that can result in missing crucial elements of well-rounded programming. I’ve seen this happen many times, in my own experience as an athlete, and as a coach. It’s easy to think everything is going perfectly, only to discover you’ve neglected some big area — and you suddenly think… “oh wow, we haven’t been doing that at all.”

Working within a framework of Themes allows us to make sure that we’re hitting these big targets.


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