And the winner is…YOU!

UAC CF Open 23 results are in. Congratulations to everyone who participated, competed, and cheered on their fellow members! Three workouts, three Fridays, 67 total scores, 100s of high-fives, and too much sweat to count!

Congratulations to the Evening Crew for accumulating the most total points!

  • Evening: 180.6
  • Morning: 126.4
  • Flex/Nooners: 41

Overall Points Leaders

  1. Linas (36)
  2. Caleb (26)
  3. Olga (24.8)
  1. Olga (24.8)
  2. Jenn N (19)
  3. Emily (11)
  1. Linas (36)
  2. Caleb (26)
  3. Brandon (21)


You can see the master spreadsheet results here.. You can also search the leaders in CHIP and sort by gender and level.

Congratulations again to everyone who competed!

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